With less than four days remaining until the 2010 NFL draft there will a lot of rumors swirling across the NFL regarding several potential trades that could happen before,during or right after the draft.

Simply put the most important thing to keep in mind on draft week is never believe a team that says anything until after they have turned in their draft card to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

That also includes rumors that get created by fans, media and so on, theses also should not be trusted especially when they are an opinion with no factual evidence.

Which brings us to Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth has not asked for a trade but has made it very clear to D.C brass that he does not want to play nose tackle in the 3-4 and would welcome a trade to a 4-3 defense.

There is one team you can exclude from the possible potential trade destinations for the $32 million dollar defensive tackle and that would be the Seattle Seahawks.

The Seahawks are not a logical destination for the 28-year-old defensive tackle for several reasons.

One being the fact that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has set out from day one that this team will be built up on youth and through the draft.

Haynesworth is still not considered old however the fact that he is scheduled to make over $40 million the next two years and has a "poison pill" that calls for $29 million in 2013 as well as other incentives over the next two years exceeding $15 million per.

The Seahawks have not been big spenders in free agency because it does not adhere to Carroll's build through the draft plan. Not only would Seattle have to pickup the roughly $57 million remaining on his contract the price to aquire him in terms of compensation is also not something the Seahawks are willing to pay.

The Redskins have reportedly said they want at least a second-round pick for Haynesworth and that's just to engage trade talks.

Seattle did not want to trade more than a second, and fourth-round pick for Brandon Marshall (26) who was eventually traded to the Miami Dolphins for two second-round picks in 2010 and 2011. Marshall also received a four-year $47.5 million dollar contract that could escalate to $50 million.

Carroll and John Schneider were not about ready to do either of those deals so there is no reason to think that they would give up what Miami did for an overpaid, arrogant 28-year-old defensive tackle who has not played a full 16 game season in eight years.

The only year he played in all 16 games was his rookie year in 2002.  Last year he only played 12 games with Washington.

Two being that Seattle does not have a need at defensive tackle and they will not go out of their draft board to spend at least a second-round pick for a position they could pickup in the fourth round and turn into a better player than Hayensworth.

The Seahawks do have a need at defensive end but Haynesworth cannot play the 4-3 or 3-4 defensive end and he does not want to play the nose tackle in a 3-4. He only wants to play at defensive tackle in a 4-3, which Seattle does run but doesn't have a need for.

Brandon MeBane and Colin Cole have that down pat.

Seattle does need help at defensive end but they won't get that from Haynesworth.

So needless to say the Seahawks won't be thinking about Albert Haynesworth at all come draft day or any day for that matter. With that being said I've now shut down this rumor and the Seahawks don't have to worry about having Haynesworth mess up what Carroll is building.

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