Pete Carroll couldn't have asked for a better gift when he was hired as the new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks.

Other than receiving a $35 million dollar contract Carroll has the chance to make a quick turnaround of the Seahawks starting with having two of the top fifteen picks in the 2010 NFL draft.

The first of those two picks is the sixth overall pick where nomatter who falls the Seahawks will be greatly improved on either side of the ball.

Some of the more notable names that have been mentioned as a posiblity with the sixth overall pick have been Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, Tennessee safety Eric Berry, Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams, Iowa offensive tackle Bryan Bulaga, as well as a few others.

Jimmy Clausen has been the highest target for Pete Carroll this entrie off-season outside of Broncos restricted free agent Brandon Marshall.

 The rumored intrested in Jimmy Clausen on the part of the Seahwks was fully on desplay when Clausen held his pro-day in South Bend on Thursday. After showing scouts from most of the 32 NFL teams in attendence what he could do he did something extra for the Seahawks.

The Seahawks, as well as front office management workout out with Clausen for an additional three hours after his workout in which he completed 57 of 59 passes.

"Our guys had a great mtg w/ jimmy & I got to talk w/ him during the mtg too-- he's awesome.... It was a big day for jimmy! "

-Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll via Twitter on Jimmy Clausen

However Clausen is not the only high profile player being followed by Seattle. Let's take a look at and rate each players possiblity of being the sixth overall pick to the Seahawks.

Scale is from 0-10.

S Eric Berry(6): At the recomendation of Monte Kiffin Eric Berry declared for the NFL draft after his junior year and it could pay off if either the Kansas City Chiefs (No. 5 overall) or the Seattle Seahawks (No. 6 overall) select the playmaking Tennessee product.

However while safety is a siezable need for the Seahawks it's not worth a top six pick.

Seattle can wait to select a safety in the second, third or fourth-rounds of the draft and still find a player with starting potential.

Eric Berry, who would be a wonderful addition to the Seahawks just isn't worth the sixth overall pick and with the needs at quarterback, left tackle, defensive end and wide receiver.

Berry's talent just doesn't overcome the needs they can address at six overall.

So on a scale from 0-10 the chances of Eric Berry dawning Seahawks blue is a six.

Jimmy Clausen(9.9): Clausen is the perfect pick for the Seahawks at sixth overall. With the acquisition of third-string quarterback Charlie Whitehurst a lot of people thought that ment the Seahawks wouldn't select a quarterback in the draft.

Consider this.

If the Seahawks felt that Whitehurst can take over and become the new face of the franchise they would have paid him more than a two-year $8 million deal.

Look at previous backup-to-starter trades like Matt Schaub, who received a major six-year $62 million dollar contract after being traded from Atlanta to Houston.

The draft day Manning-Rivers trade can also be considered in that group of backup-to-starter because Rivers sat behind Drew Brees for two years before becoming the Chargers starting quarterback.

So the fact that the Whitehurst contract was so dismal, and the compensation was also not what the Manning-Rivers and Schaub trades were doesn't make Whitehurst the immeditate starter.

Selecting Jimmy Clausen, a quarterback who's had more experiance than Whitehurst and has more of a long-term future for the Seahawks than Matt Hasselbeck does makes Clausen the perfect pick.

ESPN Todd McShay believes the Seahawks can select Clausen at No. 14 overall however the Seahawks have to have Clausen fall past Cleveland, Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Francisco and maybe the Raiders can be included depending on what they still see in JaMarcus Russell.

So with the history that Carroll has with Clausen as well as the indepth research and time the Seahawks have done with Clausen just shows how much Carroll believes in Clausen and wants him to become the new face of the franchise in Seattle.

Also it fits with Carroll's motto of competition. Clausen will compete with Hasselbeck and Whitehurst to be the starting quarterback in Seattle.

One additional note about Carroll is that he has no problem and strongly believes in starting rookies including quarterbacks.

OT Trent Williams/Bryan Bulaga(8): Williams and Bulaga really come in both with an eight out of ten because it comes down to whoever is still available when the Seahawks pick at sixth overall.

Williams had an outstanding showing at the NFL combine which really propelled him into the top three group for offensive tackels in the draft along with Iowa's Bryan Bulaga and Oklahoma State's Russell Okung.

Bulaga has always been in the top two for offensive tackles in the draft but some scouts question his arm length and if he will be able to reach and match up with NFL defensive ends'.

However Bulaga does make up for his questionable arm length with impeciable strength and has all the intabgbles to be an NFL left tackle.

Offensive tackle is the biggest need for the Seahawks but this draft is incredibly deep with talented offensive tackles and the Seahawks can afford to wait till the fourtheenth overall pick or even later.

Offensive line Alex Gibbs is one of the best offensive line coaches in the league and usually prefers to have mid-round players to mold into starters and history supports that.

 DE Derrick Morgan(2): The Seahawks won't select a defensive line prospect with the sixth overall pick unless by a miracle defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy are still on the board.

Morgan is not a top 15 talent and the Seahawks won't reach for a defensive end in the first round and that includes Derrick Morgan.

So the final verduct is in an here is how the odds stack up for the Seahawks with the sixth overall pick.

QB Jimmy Clausen-9.9 out of 10.

OT Trent Williams- 8 out of 10

OT Bryan Bulaga-8 out of 10

S Eric Berry- 6 out of 10

DE Derrick Morgan- 2 out of 10

With less than two weeks remaining until the 2010 NFL draft look for the Seahawks to secure Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen as their sixth overall pick.