Pete Carroll was brought in this off-season to turn around a Seahawks franchise that has gone 9-23 over the last two years, four of those wins coming against the St. Louis Rams.

Over the last several years under general manager Tim Ruskell the Seahawks have missed on several first-round draft picks which severally hurt them both past and present.

Defensive end Lawrence Jackson (28th overall pick in 2008), cornerback Kelly Jennings (31st overall pick in 2006) as well as countless other mid-to-late round draft picks come to mind when you think of Tim Ruskell busts.

Now with a new front office outlook general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll cannot afford to follow in the footsteps of former GM Tim Ruskell and botch their first draft (Seahawks hold No. 6 and No. 14 overall picks in the 2010 draft).

From day one Carroll and Schneider have vowed to build the core of the new Seahawks franchise up through the draft and that's just one of the many morals that Carroll and Schneider need to stick to in the war room come April 22nd.

The Seahawks roster is in desperate need of a new direction, especially on the offensive side of the ball with quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive tackle and offensive guard all being needs that Pete Carroll and John Schneider will have to fill with any of the nine picks the Seahawks hold in the 2010 draft.

On defense the Seahawks will need to improve upon their 30th ranked pass defense from a year ago as well as adding much needed pass-rush on the defensive line.

With all of the needs that the Seahawks have to fill in order to turn around this franchise both Pete Carroll and John Schneider cannot afford to get "cute" when they make each pick in the draft because the Seahawks can't botch this draft up.

Now when the word "cute" comes to mind in terms of the NFL draft some people might think of fancy, reaching on a player or taking someone or a player that doesn't fill a need and that's exactly what it means.

The Seahawks can't afford to reach on any one player in the draft, especailly if that player does not fill a need for the Seahawks.

For example if the Seahawks a linebacker or tight end in the first six-rounds of the draft that would be considered a cute pick because those are two positions the Seahawks don't need to improve on.

Here is a list of non-cute picks for each of the Seahawks nine picks in the 2010 NFL draft. Please note this is just a list of possiblies, not guaranteed.

First-round, No. 6 overall: 

QB Jimmy Clausen

DT Gerald McCoy

S Eric Berry

OT Trent Williams

OT Bryan Bulaga

First-round, No. 14 overall:

WR Dez Bryant

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

RB C.J Spiller

CB Joe Haden

CB Kyle Wilson

OG Mike Iupati

Second-round, No. 60 overall:

CB Brandon Ghee

RB Montario Hardesty

S Reshad Jones

QB Colt McCoy

Fourth-round, No. 104 overall:

OT Tony Washington

OT Jason Fox

OT Crion Black

OG Mike Johnson

QB Jevan Sneed

Fourth-round, No. 127 overall:

DE Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

DE Eric Norwood

S Darrell Stuckey

S Myron Rolle

Fifth-round, No. 133 overall:  

OT Sam Young

S Robert Johnson

WR Jordan Shiply

Fifth-round, No. 139 overall:

S Larry Asante

OG Thomas Austin

Sixth-round, No. 176 overall:

OT Adam Ulatoski's

K Brett Swenson


Seventh-round, No. 245 overall:

WR Terrell Hudgine

From that list the Seahawks can mix and match to fit their personal needs however those are the players deemed to fit the new system in Seattle as well as fill the needs across the Seahawks roster.

It will be interesting to see how Carroll approaches his first NFL draft in over 10 years but one thing is for sure, Carroll and Schneider cannot afford to select a bust because this draft is huge boom or bust opportunity for the Seahawks