At first glance this has to be the best NFL Draft the Seahawks have had in a very long time. Pete Carroll and John Schneider have laid down the foundation for success sooner rather than later for this new look Seahawks franchise.

The Seahawks came into the 2010 NFL Draft holding two first-round picks (No. 6 and 14) as well as a second-round pick, two fourth-round picks, two fifth-round picks one sixth-round pick and two seventh-round picks.

They came out of the draft three days later with the following players including three draft-day trades in which they did not give up higher than a fourth-round pick.

First-round pick (No. 6 overall)- Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State

First-round pick (No. 14 overall)- Earl Thomas, S Texas

Second-round pick (No. 60 overall)- Golden Tate, WR Notre Dame

Fourth-round pick (No. 111 overall)- Walter Thurmond, CB Oregon

Fourth-round pick (No. 127 overall)- E.J Wilson, DE South Carolina

Fifth-round pick (No. 133 overall)- Kam Chancellor, S Virgina Tech

Sixth-round pick (No. 185 overall)- Anthony McCoy, TE USC

Seventh-round pick (No. 236 overall)- Dexter Davis, DE/OLB Arizona State

Seventh-round pick (No. 245 overall)- Jameson Konz, WR Kent State

The Seattle Seahawks also signed fifteen undrafted free agents, three of which are from USC. Here’s the list.

FS James Bradley (5-10, 196), Utah State

CB Marcus Brown (6-1, 195), Arkansas State

OT Kyle Burkhart (6-4, 293), Southern Miss

C/OG Jeff Byers (6-3, 301), USC

OLB Reggie Carter (6-0, 238), UCLA

TE Patrick Devenny (6-3, 239), Colorado

ILB Kevin Dixon (6-2, 257), Troy

DT DeMarcus Granger (6-2, 332), Oklahoma

WR Quintin Hancock (6-2, 211), Tennessee

FS Will Harris (6-0, 204), USC

C Adrian Martinez (6-3, 317), Colorado State

ILB Joe Pawelek (6-2, 237), Baylor

OT Jacob Phillips (6-6, 299), Belhaven

CB Josh Pinkard (6-1, 214), USC

DE Rob Rose (6-4, 294), Ohio State

Kick in the three players Seattle acquired via trade on day three in Jets running back Leon Washington, Titans running back LenDale White and defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson the Seahawks came out clear as Andy Dufresne did in Shawkshank Redemption.

For Pete Carroll and John Schneider the 2010 draft couldn’t have been scripted any better for the Seahawks, who most experts including ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay are tabbing as having the best draft class this year. It’s hard to argue against it.

Coming into the draft the Seahawks had to fill needs at left tackle, wide receiver, running back, defensive end, safety, corner, and depending on who you ask long-term quarterback was also a possibility but for the most part Charlie Whitehurst is that answer.

After the draft Seattle really only has a need at defensive end and that’s hardly a “need” now because of Chris Clemons, Ricky Foley and others who have been brought in this off-season. At defensive end it’s more of “what can they prove” than “we need bodies at defensive end”.

It was crucial for Pete Carroll, if he wanted to stay on the good graces of Seahawks fans and personnel that he hit on every single one of the Seahawks draft picks, something that was going to be hard to accomplish. However three days later it’s easy to say that Pete Carroll did infact nail every single draft pick the Seahawks had.

Left tackle-Russell Okung, safety- Earl Thomas, wide receiver-Golden Tate, running back- LenDale White and Leon Washington, corner back- Walter Thurmond and defensive end-E.J Wilson. The Seahawks added depth with tight end Anthony McCoy, defensive end Dexter Davis, safety Kam Chancellor and wide receiver Jameson Konz.

Don’t forget that Charlie Whitehurst, acquired in a few months back can also be attached to the Seahawks draft success because of the fact that Seattle swapped second-round picks and kicked in a 2011 third-round pick for the backup quarterback.

So the Seahawks got 13 players out of nine picks in 2010 and one 2011 pick. Anytime you get more players than draft picks you’re doing something right. Not only did Seattle just pickup players with those picks but there are at least five of those players who will be or could be starters in 2010.

Left Tackle Russell Okung (starting left tackle week one), safety Earl Thomas (starting free safety week one), wide receiver Golden Tate (could be the starting slot wide receiver week one) and running backs LenDale White and Leon Washington (both will see substantial time in the 2010 season).

Plus Charlie Whitehurst and Anthony McCoy could also become starters depending on injury and competition, in McCoy’s case the No. 2 tight end behind John Carlson.

Either way you look at it everything that Pete Carroll had to do he did 110 percent right in his first draft back in the NFL. It sets the table for immediate success for the Seattle Seahawks organization, the only remaining question that literally hurts the Seahawks every year will be can they stay healthy.

If they can look for Carroll to have the entire squad “jacked up” and ready to play the entire season, something that Jim Mora Jr. and Mike Holmgren didn’t have the last two years.

Here is a look at all the players Pete Carroll and John Schneider have brought in this off-season as well as the players Seattle has lost. NOTE it does exclude the 15 undrafted free agents.


Ricky Foley-DE (signed UFA)

Robert Henderson- DE (trade-Detroit)

Chris Clemons- DE (trade-Philadelphia)

Reggie Williams- WR (signed UFA)

Mike Williams- WR (signed UFA)

Sean Morey- WR (signed UFA)

Charlie Whitehurst- QB (trade-San Diego)

Chris Baker- TE (signed UFA)

Quinton Ganther- RB (signed UFA)

Tom Malone- P (signed UFA)

Matt McCoy- LB (signed UFA)

Ryan Powdrell- FB (signed UFA)

Kevin Vickerson- DT (trade-Tennessee)

LenDale White- RB (trade-Tennessee)

Leon Washington- RB (trade-New York Jets)

Russell Okung- LT (draft-round one)

Earl Thomas- S (draft-round one)

Golden Tate- WR (draft-round three)

Walter Thurmond- CB (draft-round four)

E.J Wilson- DE (draft-round four)

Kam Chancellor- S (draft-round five)

Anthony McCoy- TE (draft-round six)

Dexter Davis- DE (draft-round seven)

Jameson Konz- WR (draft-round seven)

Total: 24 new players


Rob Sims- G (trade- Detroit)

Darryl Tapp- DE (trade-Philadelphia)

Nate Burleson- WR (signed UFA- Detroit)

Lance Laury- LB (signed UFA- Jets)

Cory Redding- DE (signed UFA- Baltimore)

Seneca Wallace- QB (trade-Cleveland)

Total: 6 players lost

Net total: +18 players gained

Look for Carroll and Schneider to be large and incharge in Seattle for quite a long time if they keep this kind of success up.

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